/ˈswɪmɪŋli / (say 'swiminglee)

without difficulty; with great success.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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  • swimmingly — If things are going swimmingly, they are going very well …   The small dictionary of idiomes

  • Swimmingly — Swim ming*ly, adv. In an easy, gliding manner, as if swimming; smoothly; successfully; prosperously. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • swimmingly — [swim′iŋlē] adv. easily and with success …   English World dictionary

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  • swimmingly — [[t]swɪ̱mɪŋli[/t]] PHRASE: V inflects If you say that something is going swimmingly, you mean that everything is happening in a satisfactory way, without any problems. [INFORMAL] The work has been going swimmingly …   English dictionary

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  • swimmingly — adverb Date: 1622 very well ; splendidly < the event went swimmingly > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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